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Ceremonies are essential to our lives.

Well designed cere- monies are transformational and allow us to celebrate thmore fully, make commit- ments more deeply, and man- age our challenges and losses (303)350-5533 with greater ease and acceptance. Most people think only of weddings and funerals as the ceremonies of life. As a Celebrant I work with people who are going through many other changes:

• A Divorce Ceremony which provides a way for one ( if only one partner chooses to participate) or both of the couple to move through the process of letting go and ending with greater ease- a significant part of the ceremony is to release the other from their vows and commitments.

• A Naming or Blessing Ceremony for a child being welcomed in to the family or an adult choosing a new name. The ceremony offers the support of family and friends, and through the ceremony blessing and acceptance of the name and the meaning that it has.

• Life Celebration Ceremonies. The loss of anyone that matters to us, needs to be grieved, mourned, and remembered-- this includes friends, relatives and pets.

Every ceremony that I design is personalized to your needs and situation. Each ceremony will be memorable, meaningful and transformative.

Please contact me for a free consultation talk about what your unique circumstances are, and what ceremony could be created to fit your needs.

Nick Meima Certified Celebrant/Officiant 720-524-3664

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