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by Boulder Weekly Staff

Something out there sets off sparks for your child. Something out there makes him or her just a little extra excited, a little more focused, a little more willing to work hard. Something makes him or her bounce up and down.

Whatever it is, the summer and the multitude of camp offerings in Boulder County offer your child a chance to indulge in that passion — whether it’s mountain biking or being a rock star, growing plants or hiking into the woods, studying chess moves or chasing frogs.

And just because school’s out for summer doesn’t mean your child’s learning and growth should let up. The many summer camps in Boulder County provide plenty of options for keeping your kids active, entertained and engaged throughout the summer months.

If only you could send your kid to outdoor space dinosaur baseball chess camp. But you can’t. So you have to choose.

To aid in that, we’ve provided a comprehensive listing of those camps for you to peruse, divided by camp theme, and we’ve filled this year’s Kids Camp with stories of transformation and growth spurred on by camps.

So gear up and get ready for another stunning summer.

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