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Tech execs say U.S. is failing them
Last year, during an intimate chat and chew dinner with some Silicon Valley high-tech barons, President Barack Obama posed a question to Steve Jobs, baron of the Apple empire.
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Letters | Valmont is a health risk
In today’s modern cemeteries, the standard depth of burials is 18 to 24 inches below ground level, with heavy equipment utilization.
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Why fracking is here to stay
Until relatively recently, the oil industry regarded fields like Wattenberg as mature, meaning their production had peaked and that while there was still gas and oil to be wrung out of them, their annual output could be expected to decline year by year.
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—Free Syrian Army commander Riad Al-Assad, referring to military attacks by Syrian President Bashar Assad that reportedly resulted in more than 200 deaths over a two-day period.
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A fracking threat to children
In Erie, 600 yards from three elementary schools and a childcare center, the natural gas industry is about to drill wells and expose hundreds of schoolchildren to chemicals that have never been proven safe, for which there is no accountability when...
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Rethinking pink
The furor over the Susan G. Komen Foundation’s decision to cut funding to Planned Parenthood for cancer screenings revealed the questionable nature of the foun- dation’s policies and the strength of a quiet majority that refuses to allow extremists to make women’s health a hostage of the abortion wars.
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Boulder Creek Market
At Boulder Creek Market, located at 1801 13th street, you will find gourmet sandwiches that are superior in quality and taste. BCM has been locally owned and operated for over 14 years and is open every day for breakfast and lunch.
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Divine Resonance Massage and Skin Care
Vapour has a unique texture that is lighter than air, it’s not a powder, liquid or cream and out preforms all others creating the look of youthful dewy skin. The pigments move as your skin moves and plays off the natural light, there is a luminosity and hydrating effect.
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Brazil On The Hill
Brazil on the Hill Waxing and Skin Care Boutique is committed to your beauty, health and well being. Brazil on the Hill opened its doors to the public in May of 2011.
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What the data shows about your dating life
But dating success ultimately has far less to do with romance and far more to do with numbers and the psychology of decision-making. There’s a certain probability that you will like any one person you meet, and the more people you meet, the greater the chance that you’ll meet someone you want to invest in.
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How Reagan and the largest EPA scandal in history may explain why valmont butte is still contaminated
When examining the stacks of records concerning Valmont Butte and its long history of contamination, you never know what specter is going to come floating from the pages. This week we take a look at the impact that President Ronald Reagan and his controversial environmental policies had on the butte.
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Camera, Times-Call outsource ad design operation
“We are constantly looking for ways to become more efficient, whatever direction that takes, because, as the CEO of the company has said, we’ve got to make sure we’re cognizant of the reduction of legacy costs so we can grow into our digital future.”.
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Gimme all your gas money
The state of Colorado has filed a complaint against the ConocoPhillips Company alleging that ConocoPhillips has profited from the state’s fund for pollution cleanup at service stations by taking $70 million in state funds for clean-ups its insurance company later reimbursed it for.
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Bach for a lifetime
Erickson, the new director of the Boulder Bach Festival, took that advice to heart. As a child he studied Bach on piano and organ, he performed Bach’s cantatas as a student at the Eastman School of Music, and for nearly 20 years he has headed the renowned Bach Vespers series at Holy Trinity Church in New York.
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Boulder Bach Festival Schedule
Finale Concert: Boulder Brandenburg Concerto No. 1, cantatas and a motet.
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moe. money, fewer problems
These days, it’s become common for groups, especially in the rock genre, to start their own record labels and handle their own distribution and promotion. And here is moe., having released all but two of its previous 10 studio CDs on its own label, teaming up with a record company for a new CD, Whatever Happened to the La Las.
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Valentine’s Day weekend in nether-land
“Why can’t they find a way to subtly lubricate the tampon?” the speaker asks in the monologue “My Angry Vagina.” “As soon as my vagina sees it, it goes into shock. It says forget it. It closes up. You need to work with the vagina, introduce it to things, prepare the way.
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Mountain of a man
You could say the same about Beckey. Seventy years after he started pioneering routes up mountains, he’s still chasing new summits. And no, he’s not selling a secret formula to successful mountaineering when you’re on the verge of your 10th decade..
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In case you missed it | Justice for campers
Then, those who are accused have the gall to ask for a jury trial, since they know that most juries are going to laugh city prosecutors out of the room. This, in turn, creates a glut of jury trials that overwhelms our sage city leaders, who decide to address the problem by — you guessed it — removing the right to jury trial.
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To have an event considered for the calendar, send information to
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Event Calendar | Week of Feb. 9, 2012
Nicholas Motte, Joe Johnson, Doubtful Sound with Small Houses..
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Theater | Week of Feb 9, 2012
Arvada, 720-898-7200. Through Feb. 19. Phantom..
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Arts | Week of Feb. 9, 2012
INVST Community Leadership Program Photo Exhibit..
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Words | Week of Feb. 9, 2012
Sara Falk-Mann, Peyton Prater, Kevin Barrett Kane and Alison Johnston..
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Why teenagers shouldn’t get superpowers
The clever conceit here is that each boy already has the emotional issues or a personality that will inform how he handles great, seemingly unlimited power. They can goof around, figuring out who can take a smack from a baseball and who can master flying first.
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Harry Potter grows up
Harry Potter finally behind him, Daniel Radcliffe has chosen a different sort of supernatural fantasy to launch his film career as an adult. In the 1920s, a London solicitor named Arthur Kipps is sent north to a grim, moist residence known as Eel Marsh House in order to settle the affairs of its recently deceased owner.
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reel to reel | Week of Feb 9, 2012
In the 1980s, Victor DeNoble was a research scientist at a major tobacco company, where he was given the task of finding a substitute for nicotine that would not cause heart attacks. He succeeded, but in the process he proved something the industry had been denying for years: that cigarettes were addictive.
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Vegan: My least favorite culinary modifier
My problem with vegan recipes is that many of them simply do away with the meat and or dairy in a dish, but keep most of the original ingredients, which is like removing the yellow and white lines on a roadway in order to solve a traffic problem. It just doesn’t work.
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Tour, taste and have money left to waste
Rather than submitting to the expensive and tedious activities of a “normal” Valentine’s Day this year, some suggest taking advantage of Boulder’s local breweries.
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Making room for high-end steak
True to its “room” moniker, this is a small, cozy space with alligator-pattern red banquettes, white wallpaper with circular patterns, and all-out retro ambience. I half expected Don Draper to come sauntering by when in walked this sharplooking dame in gray, and I knew it was her.
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Tidbites | Dancing, dining at the St Julien
Brunch will feature a live jazz dance band and a “Best Couple” dance contest, with prizes like a dinner for two, couples massage and an overnight stay at St Julien. The meal, from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m., runs $39.95 for adults and $19.95 for children, with bottomless mimosas and Bloody Marys for the adults.
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At dinner, starters range from Thai-spiced mussels to traditional escargot and shrimp Louis. Classicism marks the entrée menu, which includes filet mignon and rack of lamb. The lunch menu features lighter options like a tuna nicoise salad and a salmon, lettuce and tomato panini, and both meals feature the can’t-miss lobster ravioli.
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Astrology | Week of Feb 9, 2012
How can you create a relationship with love that will be a gift to the world and also make you smarter, kinder and wilder? KNOW what magic you have to do. WILL yourself to do it. DARE to be ingenious and inspired. And don’t tell anyone what you’re doing until you achieve your goal.
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Indulge your palate with samples from our famed restaurants, test your skills at kitchen demos, and attend sustainability seminars, wine tastings and more. Even your kids can learn a thing or two at our kids’ cooking class. It’s an event no tongue should miss.
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